“Sleepless night. Nightmares for about 2 months. Any little rain we would have would be like living it all over again. Financially it was rough because our savings were zapped.”

“We need to change our building codes. Where we would have hurricanes that would just have wind or rain, now we are experiencing tornadoes. We’ve never experienced tornadoes before. Building codes need to change.”

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“I felt that the government took too long and weren’t proactive enough.”

“A week after the storm hit, the Prime Minister was actually on the flight and the flight came full with the security, the police and the rescue, and left without any victims or persons who were desperately in need.”

“There were people begging to leave and I felt that it was almost politically driven to just show up, smile, let them know that you were there, and then left without being able to transport anybody.”


“God, I reject drowning, I will not drown”
“It was a lonely dark night…everyone’s trying to survive”
“It was a life changing experience”
“I managed to kill, conquer and survive to be here today”
“I knew help wasn’t going to come”
“This storm placed fear in the people who we actually expected to come out and rescue [us]”
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“Who were rescued were rescued by independent, brave civilians”
“Even now we are into the third year since the hurricane, any inclement weather where it’s misty and white, I am shaken up”
“When the weather deteriorates, I go back into that fearful mode again”


“Being a part of a team that people depend on, you almost feel hopeless or helpless because you can’t help them at some point.”

“I was more concerned about the long term impact–how were we going to recover from it?

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Because I knew the government was not prepared or capable of dealing with a storm of that magnitude.”

“I don’t think any country in the region has the resources to deal with another Hurricane Dorian.”


“The feeling was kind of like hopelessness ‘cause you wanted to do something, but there was nothing you could do.”

“Jokingly I told her, ‘You don’t wanna be on no Family Island during no hurricane.’”

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“The following Hurricane season, when they released the list of shelters, I started to pay attention”

“Back then it was just regular preparation. But now Dorian showed us that there’s a lot more we need to put in place to be prepared when we have hurricane coming.”