Ayla, New Providence

“It was a heart-wrenching experience hearing some of their stories when they came to New Providence.”

“So while I didn’t have a direct impact with respect to Dorian, I certainly felt the brunt of it whether through indirect means through family members or friends of family.”


New Providence

“Hurricanes come, and they hit, and they go. What we saw with Dorian is that this was going to be a very unpredictable storm.”

“The storm just sat there. Like it wouldn’t leave.”


New Providence

“We have to start looking long-term instead of just reacting to these storms. When we try to just react we can never keep up.”


Branishka, New Providence

“The feeling was kind of like hopelessness ‘cause you wanted to do something, but there was nothing you could do.”

“Jokingly I told her, ‘You don’t wanna be on no Family Island during no hurricane.’”

“The following Hurricane season, when they released the list of shelters, I started to pay attention”

“Back then it was just regular preparation. But now Dorian showed us that there’s a lot more we need to put in place to be prepared when we have hurricane coming.”


Wendell, New Providence

“I didn’t think that Dorian was gonna be a killer storm.”

“I didn’t think that Dorian was going to be as massive and overwhelming as it became. I didn’t think that storm would slow to a stop. I didn’t think that we would have days of it’s tortute.”

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